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September 15, 2720

Over the centuries, the remainder of the human race managed to survive as they were loaded onto rescue capsules, living out their life in the Orange Unit Rescue Sphere, located on Mars, sustaining life through the  walls of the rescue sphere. They were left with no choice but to live on this cold, dead planet as a new form of evolution had taken its course, in replacement of the human, a mammal that evolved from apes, as they had faced their extinction, living out their lives on Mars.

They had faced these tragic circumstances after majority of their race had perished in the late year of 2011, crossing over to the year 2012.

Left through despair, they wanted to pursue their dream of returning to their beloved home as they had not lived on Earth for hundreds of years. Through science and their increase in technology, which was slowly advancing, left with only the elements that existed within the red soil of Mars which had been used to generate electricity, as  they strive to discover techniques to sustain life within the rescue sphere.

Even though they have discovered a way to prevent their race from perishing, it was nothing compared to their original home.

The only living organism that existed within this time that resembled the human, in characteristics, was the Ghavscelan. A mammal with facial characteristics of that of a primate, as it appeared to show facial expressions, as that of a human. It also remained as an amphibian, as it was born with  the ability to survive underneath water, for long periods of time.

This living organism is considered as a natural cross breed between orangutans and fish, capable of using the English language as their people had obtained the language from ancient books that had been discovered through time.

Over the centuries, they have gained as much knowledge of the world as they could, living in a community near the banks of The Galstan River. And one of the most respected ghavsclean of the Galstan River, whom served the Ghivi Government of Yermitatgeion is General, Nate Remington.

A thirty six year old ghavscelan whom was sent on a mission to protect his government and his father's secrets.

"General Remington, the Jretgih is ready."

"We managed to release our soldiers from their encapturement from enemy territory in the west wing."

"Sir, we await our orders."

"Is the Feghi primed?" Remington questioned the middle aged soldier whom stood before him.

"Of course, sir." the middle aged soldier stated as he saluted the general.

"The Jretgih is ready."

"We await new orders."

"Then the Sheik doesn't stand a chance." General Remington said, smiling as he took a pleasurable smoke from his cigar.

"Round in the troops, we leave for the enemies' camp at once."

General Remington and the middle aged soldier, Roger Callaway led the troops onto the Suverian Cruiser, or the Jretgih, as The Sheik prepared themselves for battle. General Remington was known as the man whom came up with the battle plans and strategic to lead suverian cruisers into the crossfire of the enemy with the technological terms as, "miscollied surgates."

The plan was simple. Once the enemy on the battlefield saw that the general and his men had led the attack, the enemy would soon believe at that precise moment to open fire when the general gave the command on his side.

It seemed as though General Remington gave the command.

It even seemed as though they had opened fire.

Flashes and beams of light had been dispersed amongst the cruisers, as it appeared as though they were headed straight toward The Sheik's camp.

The Sheik had opened fire, but their attack was proven ineffective as they found themselves shooting at the extendable Meta Shields which consisted of lastraghic lasers that had formed from the "computer activated" launchers which looks like miniature tube like cannons that were released from their chambers from both sides of the suverian cruiser.

Once the Meta Shields had been engaged there was nothing that the Sheik could fire at them to lead Remington's cruiser off of its' set course as he flew the ship closer to The Sheik's camp below him.

Remington was to stop at nothing to protect his father's work and the blueprints for the suverian cruisers which were originally written by Don Remington, during the Sergetomic Phase, a project that had been established by Remington in his robotic space testing facility located in Grujoiuri, in the year 2715.

Don Remington was amongst the scientists that were on the verge of discovering a way to create images that had the capability of tricking the mind, blinding their enemy from what was real, and what was merely an illusion. He made the idea possible through a computer program that he had established while working with the development team in Grujoiuri, known as, "Illusioma."

His program that he created was a success.

Before Nate Remington was assigned to his mission when he was told about the location of The Sheik, as he was to protect the nation and its secrets within its archives, he made a promise to his father before he died of a severe plague known as Hearticocious, known to acify the heart of the holder of the disease which was in contact with a series of submissive acids through an uncontained, plasma radiation control center.

His promise was to take order within his father's robotic test lab, to make sure that no one was to obtain his research.

Especially Holden, Commander of The Sheik, whom was interested in buying his ideas from him and take more than half of the credit for his inventions in return for a reasonable sum of the profits.

Nate agreed, and made sure that his father's ideas were not to fall into the wrong hands.

In result to this, Holden lead the Shiek into battle, to take Remington out, to ensure that no one was to get in between him, and the blueprints.

"Fire once more men!" Holden commanded his men.

"We must retrieve the blueprints from Remington!"

Their attack however, was unsuccessful.

The attack was deflected downward by the Meta Shields which created a corrosion of primed energy that struck the ground, creating a fusion of mixed subatomic fields of power, by a weapon known as The Sparing Dreamer, which had drilled its way through the center of the planet's core.

The ground had started to give way and the Earth started to tremble, shaking back and forth with heavy vibrations that made it impossible to keep still.

Cracks formed all over the ground, breaking freely, in every which direction.

Every living organism that was on the planet, had become extinct that day.

Falling, into the deep, dark depths of space, as there was nothing left of Earth, except for clouds and sky.

Sky Ark

By Kevin James Jacobs

On the planet Gaia, a water planet located in the Xleitirgheris Galaxy, with water known to be in the form of a jelly-like substance, lived the Six Sages of Life, each known for their duty of protecting all forms of living organisms.

The first sage Hermeitius, was known as The Inscriptor. A sage that was once infused with the steady course of demonic magic that had grasped hold of his hahn, a source for magic located in the mid upper region of the user's chest that bestows the power that was given to the holder as a sacred birth right. Through the pain and agony of breaking through his thoughts for he had felt the sinister emotion of evil lurking within his veins, he had felt a presence of weakness within his bloodlust that had overwhelmed him. The dark magic poisoned his blood stream as he succumbed to the wretched thoughts of impetual doubt, finding himself being pulled through the pain that surpassed his judgment, by the fin of a young trisoac, a civilized hybrid of both mammal and fish aspects that was created by the sages during the time of the cold front of aspirations that had co-existed within the fields of evolution. He is known to seek out the hero that is proven to assume the position of the warrior destined to inflict damage amongst demons that served as a threat to the innocent, an enticing preparation of sensibility, in the eyes of a demon. The hero that the sage seeks is the one that was once brought into existence by the magic that stages itself within the sage's Hahn that comes into terms with that of a human spirit and disperses a child from the womb of a human woman during pregnancy, that is known to be half human, half elf. The hero is then announced as The Chosen One, as the inscription of the four orbs had been written in the skin of the new hero, after he had completed his training.

The second sage is Remiethieur, a Cavallan, known as an intelligent and content living organism that is passed down through the bloodline of felines. Cavallans were once referred to as The Hind Legged Cats, because of their ability to walk on two legs as they carry the knowledge of peace and prosperity to nations and provide herbs of healing to the sickened and injured. He gained the title of The Holder, the one that possesses the power of the Norse Mythological Hammer of Thor, which was obtained during the time of a chaotic breakthrough of events that petrified the life balance for the human race in the year 2012. The human race had dealt with a new form of evolution that changed the face of their planet during this era of time that forced them to believe that their planet was coming to an end.

The third sage is known as The Fire Sage, Ignetius, the sage that holds the element of fire that bestowed his power into the first Orb of Enlightenment, The Fire Orb. It is the first orb that was created by the six sages that was to be inserted into the hammer, Mjolnir.

The fourth sage is The Water Sage, Aquarixis, the sage that holds the element of water that is to be placed into the hammer in the form of the second Orb of Enlightenment, The Water Orb. He carries the weight of being a father during his primary duty of protecting the life on planets, at the aid of his son Celantius.

The fifth sage is The Wind Sage, Rulsuan, known for his practices of harnessing the power of wind, which is used as a way to balance the element around the weapon to sustain flames of fire on the current flow of air without becoming extinguished. He bestowed a form of his power into the third Orb of Enlightenment, The Wind Orb.

The sixth sage is The Lightning Sage, Mathieius. He is known as the sage that rescued his friend Hermeitius from his deathly imprisonment of torture that had overwhelmed him as his heart had ached in misery from the thrall of darkness. He is the sage that bestowed the element of lightning that runs through his Hahn as he found himself within the grasp of the electrical current that runs free through his veins. He bestowed a form of his ability in the fourth Orb of Enlightenment, The Lightning Orb.

The sages were known to live out their lives as the protectors of life. A sacred duty that they were destined to carry out as a wish from the stars above them. The wish was to be granted as a form of appreciation to the secret that life beholds in regards to a living organism that wishes to live life in peace, without conflict. It was made the day that life existed on one planet, thriving to balance on the strings of existence, as the other had perished, becoming a cold piece of rock which was no longer in orbit. A formidable trait of living that was once and forever known as the balance that existed within a solar system.

In the beginning before Earth had been created, the planets Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, was able to sustain life, as they were once aligned with that of a sun and a moon. But planets are only able to live for a certain amount of time and end, only to float in space as a beloved memory. Each of the planets had provided elements that was once forged together to create a collision of atoms and protons, clashing together, a method known as The Big Bang Theory, to form a large rock that is to welcome new life.

The elements from the previous planets formed the new planet that had emerged from the depths of the black sea of stars and had become the planet that was destined to provide a new life form with a sense of intelligence.

As life is created through evolution, the new planet needed a life form that could be displayed as an example of carnivores and herbivores, meat and plants being the main sources of food. With the large quantity of oxygen that had been supplied to the planet as the continents was a large chunk of land, the first living organisms were in the form of large reptiles, known as dinosaurs that walked the earth in the beginning.

During this time of enchantment, the new planet had come to life, as the sages of Gia, watched over the planet from their sacred map, The Geometaricus.

The Geometaricus is a sacred map of worlds and galaxies imprinted on the floor that was carved from Gaemegix Stone, a type of stone that was moldered down using thick wax that formed during colder seasons on Gia and forged together with that of the water that was consisted of jelly which forms into dew on the wax. When the substances react with one another they harden and become a form of clay that has strength similar to that of concrete.

On the floor of The Geometaricus, the sages perform the ritual of life which renders the balance of nature through a form of life that refuses to crumble and deteriorate as it balances within the rotation of the planet's axis, establishing a mutual connection with the gravitational pull of its orbit. The ritual is referred to as the Celegix Circle of Life that remains dormant to the rule written amongst the stars since the beginning of life's existence in the second year that the constellation of stars entwined with the current flow of energy that travels within the sun's orbit on Gia.

The rule written amongst the stars was that all forms of intelligent life from each of the existing planets that sustained life was not to know of one another's existence as a way to prevent conflict between planets. To ensure that the wish was granted, paradoxes were created in the form of black holes which leads to other dimensions in which one must travel faster than the speed of light and sound, in order to enter the other side of the paradox safely, reaching distant galaxies.

During the performance of the sacred ritual, Celantius, the water sage's son, wandered through the halls of the temple and had made his way onto The Geometaricus, known as the kid that grew fond of his father's work. When he walked amongst the surface of the map, the aura of the Paelageon Light immersed from the markings from each of the planets, which glowed brighter, as he made his way across the floor.

Aquarixis stared blankly at his son as he walked in circles around the map, distracting the sages from their ritual.

"Celantius, my boy." Aquarixis called out to his son.

"What are you doing here?"

"This is not a place for you, return to the main corridors, for your own safety."

Celantius couldn't bear to hear these words of sorrow from his father's voice. He knew that his father mourned for his safety as he had done his best to raise him without the help of his mother whom had passed away from a treacherous parasitical wound that she received from a Griemlian Centipede. A poisonous centipede that has hairy sharp tusks that snarls upward, hanging by the upper region of its mouth, toward its outer incisors. It is covered in purplish green hairs with sharp needle points for tips that is sharp enough to pierce through your skin with a finger touch.

Sriguri, Aquarixis's beloved wife, had fallen to her knees, finding herself paralyzed from the waist down, from the fall that she had endured as her back had given into weakness for her skin was swollen and the pressure points located near her shoulder blades had appeared as though they were to shatter at any rate.

But it didn't matter to Sriguri.

Though she was involved in a great deal of pain, she struggled to lift herself up from the floor as the poisonous centipede caught a mere glimpse of her from the corner of its left eye. The centipede started to crawl across the floor at an accelerated rate, its tusks arched upward and outward heading straight towards Sriguri whom managed to gain the strength of her arms to lift herself off of the ground. With arched elbows, she used her upper body strength to lift herself up. But the pressure on her rib cage had applied enough force against this region of her body that made it to where the lower region of her rib cage began to crack, and she found herself falling to the floor once more.

As the poisonous arthropod started to inch itself across the floor, swiftly passing through dirt particles and rusted nails which lied within its path, it continued its journey across the floor boards to Sriguri.

Sriguri started to roll from the left side of her stomach to the right as she was doing her best to fight against the pain which throbbed throughout her body as the centipede had crossed paths with her. Weakened by the pain of her bones from her rib cage caving in through the lack of strength, she was unable to lift herself up and move away from the path of the parasite. She reached for a piece of wood which lay beside her and used it as a shield to protect her. But it wasn't enough to save her, for the centipede moved away from the grasp of her sight and had inched its way across her shoulder, sinking its venomous tusks into her neck.

Black ink had immersed from its poison, spreading throughout her body, soaking the middle region of her throat, with its poisonous ink.

Sriguri had grown faint from the coldness as she closed her eyes.

The light of the world grew dim, as she had felt closer to death.

Within her short time of pain, the poison continued to spread through her veins, ending her life.

Aquarixis caught sight of his wife lying on the ground as he made it through the torch lit hallways in their humble abode, wondering if his beloved was in danger. He saw that she was, judging by the sight of the welts on her neck which resulted in the flow of poison that continued to travel within her bloodstream. The thought of his wife left in misery brought him down the series of thought which consisted of guilt and mislead comfort, seeping through his life like a sea of darkness.

His duty was being a protector of the planets, a sage that was to live up to his title of the powerful sorcerer that had the ability to bestow the gift of life and continue his role as Celantius's father. Even though his heart served as a boat with a broken mass that floated within the depths of fear and pain, he was not to give in to the misery that was forced against him, for the sake of his son. Even though he struggled with his pride and courage, he found himself in a perilous cry of anguish as he stood over the woman he once loved. He found himself shedding tears of pain over his beloved Sriguri, the woman that made it possible for the good graces of his son Celantius to enter the world of the living and earn his place in the universe, whom was encouraged to live up to the expectations of his father, continuing to live through question and curiosity for he wished to acquire the knowledge of his father's work.

After he shed his tears of fearful emotion, he reached for a blanket which had lain in a bundle on the floor, that wasn't that far from her, using it to cover his wife's corpse. As he placed the blanket over Sriguri's body, he stepped away from the scene, making his way to the side entrance door which lead to his back yard.

As he had taken his leave, he found himself applying pressure on the poisonous arthropod, using the heel of his boot.

The loud crunch of the centipede echoed within the halls of the house which left him in utter pain as he felt the tip of the needle hairs piercing through his skin.

Fortunately for Aqurixis, he did not come into contact with the poison.

He just wished that he could say the same for his wife.

"I know." Celantius said with a tender smile as he remained innocent through his father's eyes.

"But, I always wanted to know what exactly is it that you do when your gone away from home."

"I implore you to let me stay."

"Please father, carry out my wish."

"Okay, my son." Aquarixis said as he continued to stare into the eyes of his son. He couldn't help but glance into the eyes of his only son that wanted to know what was hidden within the walls of his father's life. He felt a glimpse of happiness that was indescribable for at that brief moment he felt as though not only was he staring into the eyes of his son; he felt the glimpse of the eyes of his wife, Sriguri.

"If you wish, you may witness the sage's work of eternal bliss on Gia."

"The Great Water Planet of the Xleitirgheris Galaxy."

"Xleiti, meaning jelly water that one can walk amongst."

"The slab of rock that is engraved on the floor that we now stand on is known as The Geometaricus. A map of all the worlds and their galaxies that they are located in and each planet is marked by their current locations, inscribed through detail. Each planet displays a story of events that happens on each of the planets and informs us if any damage is inflicted onto the planet. If there is conflict detected on a planet that brings life to its near extinction, if there remains a tince of hope, we restore the planet using the magic that sets a course through our veins, as we find ourselves creating a collision of magnetic fields which form into a revolving gravitational pull."

"But even though we combine the power of our magic to bring a world back to life, the life force of our planet forms as one with the planet that we are restoring. When this occurs, creatures that the human race had once saw as a fictional idea from your everyday fairy tale, comes to life."

"The reason why is because such creatures exist here on the sage's planet."

"Elves, dragons, dwarves, and demons of such all exist within the magical realm on Gia."

"Our magic also exists on the planet and is found to be quite useful. When the power that courses through our veins becomes as one element that is bound to the life force that was used to re-establish the forces of nature onto the current planet, we are left in a primitive state of madness and despair as a living organism such as man is able to wield the power of magic through potions and incantations."

"The planet that means the most to me is Earth, located in the Milky Way Galaxy. Its location is 3.14 light years away from our current position in the Southern Stratosphere. The most intelligent living organism on this planet is known as the human."

" A mammal which had evolved from the primate, known as the ape."

"Before this time, large reptiles and other living organisms had existed in a larger form because of the high elevations of oxygen that existed when the surface of the earth was in the form of one land formation before the heat of the plate tectonics had broken through the surface of the land and separated it into individual planes."

"The reason why living creatures were so large at the time is because of the amount of oxygen that was supplied to the planet. Because of the large amount of oxygen that existed before the land had become separated, the amount of oxygen that was available was the natural cause of living organisms increasing in size. But when the plate tectonics started to crumble away and formed into smaller pieces of land, the oxygen level decreased and in result to this, larger organisms had ceased to exist."

"After that time was the Ice Age and from there was The Dawn of Mankind."

"I wanted a new world that could live within the proximity of fairness and goodwill, but through emotion a living organism can live within all forms of actions that pursue their daily responses which serve as a bond of grace amongst others, even if it is a way to promote stress or guilt."

"Through time, people found themselves traveling through a pit of pain and suffering, driving their vision through the eyes of anger, they seek out others to show hatred towards, fighting with brute strength, bringing death and misfortune."

"It was said that the only force that was strong enough to vanquish emotions of treachery and pain is through The Crimson Light."

"A light that comes into terms with that of the sun that provides life to the planet. When The Crimson Light meets with that of the ultraviolet rays of the sun, it releases a powerful remedy that washes over the mind of every living organism that stares directly in the light's path. When the living organism glances into The Crimson Light, all forms of hatred and stress is removed from the mind, leaving the emotion alternated, in the form of happiness."

When the sages continued their conversation about the facts of nature on their planet, Celantius made his way across The Geometaricus to view the planet of the humans, the planet that his father had claimed as an important factor of his life. He scruggled, drifting using the magnetic weight of his feet to glide amongst the surface of the map, he found himself halt at the sight of the planet known as Earth.

As he glanced down at the aura of the Paelageon Light that had immersed from the carving of this planet, he noticed the light that represented the life of the planet had grown faint as it was displayed within the fatal silence of the Germigx Stone which formed The Geometaricus. The feeling of death overwhelmed him as he continued to linger over the carved engraving of the extinct planet.

The unbearable presence had overwhelmed him so much in fact that he started to become weakened by the presence of the scent.

At the sight of death that covered the tile that Earth had been imprinted on had surpassed commencing thought, he found himself trembling at the sight that he had witnessed. He couldn't face what he would see and was unaware of his father's expression as he acknowledged the fact that the planet that he watched over and dedicated his life to protect had disappeared within the vicinity of his own eyes.

Celantius couldn't come to terms with unveiling the horrifying truth to his beloved father, but at the time he knew that it would be considered as a sin if he was to hide the information from his sense.

"Father, Father!" Celantius cried in a cold sharp cry of despair which lingered in echoes across the walls of the temple. The magnetic balance that sustained the simulation of levitation had dispersed from the core of his celibriator, an electronic magnet placed in the soles of one's shoe to access the ability to withstand the balance of both positive and negative forces acting against one another, enabling one to levitate, or scruggle.

"You have to come quick; there is something wrong with your planet called Earth."

"It's dying, please go examine it!"

Matheius, The Lightning Sage, stepped forward to witness the reason of death for the planet, Earth. His facial expression had shown that he had felt solemn, but eager at the same time, to seek out the truth behind this treacherous act of cold hearted emotion. If he was to witness the death of the planet that he and the sages had sworn to protect had fallen to the depths of chaos he wanted to know why the planet had endured this fate. He was able to look through the power of the electricity that ran through his veins, within his Hahn. The power of lightning was able to cast itself through sound which allowed him to see the truth within visions that were sent as messages sent telepathically.

He was connected to the vivid images that ran through the Paelageon Light serving its purpose as a memory document, played through his entrails of visualization, as it was consisted of the events that each planet had taken into action. A course that was taken into effect as the planet had remained within the spiritual flow of life.

Through the recorded memory he had seen a general that went by the name of General Remington that was trying to protect his father's secrets from a small tactics and diversion squad, known as The Sheik, whom was trying to gain possession of the rights to his father's invention. The Sheik had strike into action as they went against General Remington and failed miserably as the weapon that they had launched known as The Sparing Dreamer, deflected off of the meta shield of the ship, and had spiraled downward as the drill of the weapon traveled its way through the surface of the earth, piercing through the core of the planet.

He also witnessed that because of the lack of oxygen that was supplied to the humans which they had obtained from Earth, the remainder of the human race that lived on the emergency base on Mars, that was known as The Orange Unit Rescue Sphere, established in the year 2011 since the dawn of the new advancement stage, in which the humans had faced their planet's new form of evolution, in the year 2012. For living organisms on Earth, the average life span of a species is two thousand years. After the two thousand year period that the living organism existed within its time, had passed, a new life form takes its place.

Humans will suffer this fate, becoming extinct as the ancient reptiles, known as the dinosaurs, millions of years ago. Through evolution, a new form of intelligence will be able to experience life, as humans had during their period of existence.

The Orange Unit Rescue Sphere was an idea constructed by NASA as a way to save the human race from perishing during this new era of evolution. A rescue sphere is a large sphere constructed of thick nylon as it was provided light from the ultraviolet rays of the large lamps, which stands as arches, over the sphere. Electrode beams of energy which had been generated by the death of the planet, in which they had inhabited, was used as a new form to generate electricity, providing power to the lamps, as life is sustained within the rescue sphere on Mars.

Amongst the roof of the sphere, large ventilations made of thin metallic alloys, such as aluminum, released a large quantity of oxygen throughout the walls of the sphere, allowing living organisms to breathe. Because the human race was low in numbers, it was easier to sustain life within the sphere, as majority of the human race had perished through time. It was known as the new civilization for the humans, as they were no longer able to live a life of solitude on the planet they once called home.

"Aquarixis, we are required to visit the planet Earth, to restore it." Matheius warned The Water Sage.

"What is the meaning of this, Matheius?" Aquarixis replied in question as he glanced up at The Lightning Sage in confusion by the sense of danger that was expressed through Matheius's eyes.

"It was something that you have witnessed within the visions of what happened to Earth."

"Tell me Matheius, what happened to the planet that we fought so hard to protect?"

"It was destroyed by a tactic and diversion squad whom call themselves The Sheik." Matheius explained as he focused on the visions that he had seen within the Paelageon Light.

"They destroyed the planet by accident as they were trying to defeat a general that was protecting blueprints that was written, based on his father's inventions."

"As far as the humans, they continue to live in their Life Sphere on Mars."

"Unfortunately, I sense their oxygen levels are running low."

"If they do not receive help, they will soon perish."

"Then we have no choice, we must leave for Earth at once." Aquarixis agreed with Matheius. He would risk everything to see life on Earth once again. It wasn't right for this planet to perish because of one individual's mistake. And one thing that he wanted to accomplish was to welcome life to the human race on Earth once more as they had once called the planet home, centuries ago.

And amongst the humans, new forms of life are created as Earth reaches Year One A.F. (After Life).

Before he traveled through the paradox which led to the Milky Way Galaxy with his fellow sages, he had given his child a hug and told him to go back to the safety of their home and stay away from the woods, as it was filled with danger.

Celantius shook his head in understanding, as he levitated out of the sacred temple of the sages, heading home.

The Six Sages of Life had formed a collision of immense power that had emerged from each of their Hahn. As their power combined, they formed as one, in the form of a large sphere of spiritual energy which contained their primary elements that existed within the minerals of their planet. As they formed into the spiritual ball of energy, they had launched themselves into the paradox which leads to the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Southern Stratosphere. They traveled through the infinite stars of space, to the planet, known as Earth.

When the sages, known for their ability to create a gravitational pull, they used the strength of their magic to sustain life on Earth, joining hands as they formed a circle in spiritual form, revolving around the equator of the planet, restoring its acts and laws of nature. The sages had made Earth inhabitable for the humans once again, as they had to abandon Earth in late 2011, (the end of the two thousand year period for the existence of humans, as Earth had brought forth a new form of evolution), as well as the company of creatures that had come from Gia.

An ability obtained by the power of The Six Sages of Life that bestowed the gift of life, known as The Gravitational Circle of Life.

A catastrophic wave of energy dispersed from the planet as a remedial side effect to the recreation of the planet.

Earth had been restored, and it wouldn't be long until the last of the human race on Mars, was to learn of its existence.

The Six Sages of Life had traveled a great distance as they walked amongst the planet that they had restored. They stopped when they came to a village where people were working as hard as they could, beating at rocks and gravel, with large scythes, while wiping the drench from their foreheads, that formed from the heat, created by the beams of the sun.

As the sages, walked amongst the groups of men and women, they came across a fellow that was working just as hard as all the rest, perhaps even harder.

"Why do you proceed with this hard work, that of which you should not attempt to do, in the first place?" The sages had asked the man.

"Well, you see." The man said, as he was wiping the sweat from his forehead. "If we do not finish our manual labor, we will die by the hand of The Sheik."

"Ah, how so." Ignetius, The Fire Sage said, generating fire through his hand, creating a sphere torch.

"Take me to this Sheik, so that my fellow sages and I, can deal with them."

The man nodded his head in agreement and beckoned the sages to follow him.

They traveled a great distance, through the forest of the Mother Grizzly Bears, past the serpent desert, until they had made it to the dark lair of The Sheik, a tall fortress with a large size tower that seemed to of risen its' way to the top of the dark fortress, with a large flag that wavered above it. The brick walls of the fortress were draped with both human, and animal flesh, which were created of hardened clay and diamond material, obtained by a large drill which collected it from the mid ground levels of Earth.

The Sages and the man gathered around the gate of the castle looking past the gate, directly at the castle.

"How do you expect to get into the castle, with these gates blocking our way?" asked the man.

"Leave everything to us." said the sages.

"Remember, you are here to accompany us, nothing more."

Aquarixis, The Water Sage, had rolled up a thin piece of paper around some green leaves, as he withdrew a pleasuring hit. He then combined his power within the impact released from the band, and made it to where both them and the man levitated off of the ground, moving swiftly over the gate, until they were on the other side of the tall gates, standing on the castle grounds.

They walked around on the fortress grounds, in search of the entrance of the fortress. As they walked these grounds, they noticed that the place was dark and gothic in appearance. Chains lined the walls, and off to the side, was the body of a man that was strapped into a guillotine, however his head had been severed from his shoulders. The man wondered where the head had been misplaced. He noticed that past the Medi Evil death device, there was a graveyard patch of stakes, sticking out of the earth.

On these stakes were heads of soldiers, along with the head of the man that was strapped into the guillotine.

And most of the heads had been burned and charcoaled.

"Listen!" called out one of the sages, as he took his last puff from his smoke.

"I hear footsteps amongst us."

It wasn't just footsteps that could be heard.  There was a flickering light that was seen, coming from the tall tower of the fortress.

A man leaned out the window of the tower and called out a warning from above.

"Someone approaches the castle walls."

At the sound of this, renegade soldiers circled the man and the band of sages, with guns in hand, pointing them in their direction. The soldiers surrounded the man and the Six Sages of Life, as they were being pulled in to the entrance of the dark fortress by a warp created by the dark magic of The Sheik. They were unaware of the knowledge of this powerful force which was created by the magic of The Sheik.

It was magic which was used on anyone whom was not welcome on these grounds, especially intruders.

As they had been pulled into the entrance of the fortress, they found themselves standing in front of the ruler of the castle, and of these lands.

The King was positioned on his throne, as he glared into the man's eyes.

"How dare you, you and your pathetic band of rebels think that you can just come here and appear here in my land, and in front of my people?"

"Do you not understand what kind of trouble you have created for yourselves?"

The man and the sages stood before the King in silence. Then, one of the sages took the risk of stepping forward to the King and retorted, "How dare you have your people do the acts of God, risking their lives for you."

The King laughed a great deal and responded.

"What I do with my men is none of your concern. You are trying to make me look like I'm the bad person here, you know that? Yes, the people of The Sheik are quite evil, and we are the ones that are responsible for destroying Earth centuries ago, through the acts of war. But we give our people shelter and food."

"Surely, that is all these people deserve."

The King was getting tired of the people that stood before him, for they were making him feel weary.

"Take these people, and throw them into the dungeon." ordered the King, as he gestured to his men that stood before his throne.

"But don't forget to throw some food in there for them."

"We don't want them to die too fast, now do we?"

The King smirked through an empathic laugh, feeling unremorseful.

But, before the renegade had got close to the man and the sages, the Six Sages of Life had combined their power into a magnetic fusion of massive power which ran through the veins of their Hahn, destroying the castle, the King, and taking the soldiers along with the impact.

Before them was a great flash of white, as there was nothing but a pile of rubble, from the castle's foundation.

"It is you who will possess a child in your near future." Hermeitius, The Inscriptor of The Six Sages of Life said, before they had taken their leave. "We cannot be certain that The Sheik is gone, but we will do everything in our ability, to make sure that it is your son that will become the new hero of these lands."

After they had casted their magic on the man through their words, the sages had formed into a sphere of light, which was launched into the sky.

Once the sages had taken off for their departure, the man had continued his journey back, to the great village of Sky Ark.

The village that he had built with his own two hands, named after two elements, the sky above, that provided the light of the sun and the moon, and an ark, a boat or other establishment, used to protect living organisms as their life had been threatened by dangerous situations.

It was a dark night in Sky Ark, and the people of the village were sound asleep at this very moment. Amongst the sky of the silent village, a dragon swept over Sky Ark. The dragon was sent by The Sheik, as an act of revenge that they were to claim, filled with rage as they realized that it was the man whom built this village that was responsible for being in the company of The Six Sages of Life, that destroyed their fortress. As it twirled through a deadly swoop, it shot two tremendous sized fireballs, releasing them into the town square.

Within this attack, it destroyed five homesteads.

Camaelius, a Christian man devoted to his faith, whom had constructed the peaceful village of Sky Ark, had dashed out of the village with his wife, Javelin, as they had caught sight of the dragon.

He felt safe as he ran hand in hand, with his wife, as they had made an escape into the forest nearby.

After running at the pace that they had picked up from the momentum of their feet, swiftly brushing through the trees, Javelin had to stop running as she had found herself breathless.

She collapsed onto a pile of leaves on the forest ground, for her water was broken.

The people of Sky Ark came out of their homes as they were being burned down from the flames that were released from the dragon's mouth.

By then, the dragon had vanished, and the cat tribe from the town of Cavalla, came and used the power of their herbs, to heal the innocent people.

The soldiers of Sky Ark were on the move as they had witnessed the tranny brought against their peaceful village.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that they were able to do as their village had lost innocent lives and homes, which were taken within the blast of fire that was dispersed from the demon in the sky.

But as it appeared there was no hope, the soldiers remained strong as they aided the wounds of their community and attended to their homes.

Comaelius, whom heard something fall to the ground within his distance, glanced over to see Javelin lying on the ground, gasping for air as she placed her left hand on her throat, lying in the sharp, thick pile of leaves and twigs, beneath her. At the aid of his beloved, he performed CPR, by pressing his lips against hers, releasing oxygen into her mouth as he pressed down onto her stomach, helping her breathe.

As he continued this maneuver of rescue, his wife opened her eyes, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Comaelius, I'm pregnant." Javelin whispered into her husband's ears as she continued to hold him close to her.

"My water broke and I can feel the infant pressing against my stomach, releasing from my womb."

Through the brightness of the sun that released its light, as it shined amongst the trees, Comaelius rested her head against his chest, holding her close to him. As the sun lifted itself from its horizon, the shade of light immersed from the sphere of light, releasing oxygen into her mouth as he pressed down onto her stomach, helping her breathe.

As he continued this maneuver of rescue, his wife opened her eyes, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Comaelius, I'm pregnant." Javelin whispered into her husband's ears as she continued to hold him close to her.

"My water broke and I can feel the infant pressing against my stomach, releasing from my womb."

Through the brightness of the sun that released its light, as it shined amongst the trees, Comaelius rested her head against his chest, holding her close to him. As the sun lifted itself from its horizon, the shade of light immersed from the sphere of light, releasing ultra violet rays of life, shining down upon the two as they had continued to remain hidden underneath the shade of the trees. As he placed his left hand under her head, he held her tight, against him.

He felt the warmth of her body rise as the sun's light continued to shine down upon her.

He then placed his hand on her stomach and felt the squirming motion of the infant, pushing its way within her body as it was trying to inch its way from the womb of her body. Comaelius applied pressure on this region as he made his way to her front, signaling her with signs to push as she applied pressure, and with this form of life, the infant had been dispersed, in the form of a half human, half elven infant.

He was the child that was created through the magic of the Six Sages of Life, the warrior that was destined to become The Chosen One.

He was known as the hero of the lands.

"Sky." The father said the name of his child's son as he held his new born son in his arms.

"We shall call him, Sky, named after the village that I have built, bringing prosperity to these lands."

Javelin smiled as Comaelius placed their son into her hands. She felt rejoiced as she held this new form of life in her arms, caressing the child as it was pressed against her chest.

The parents were relived as they found themselves out of the reach of danger and in the conformity of safety, remaining hidden within the trees.

She was holding on to the child that provided them strength, as their village had been destroyed.

"Sky, it shall be." Javelin agreed as she continued to hold her new born son.

When Sky had grown through age, his father and mother had raised him as the hero that he was to be pronounced, going through trials of training that he was to pass as he increased his skill of aiming, hunting, and gaining knowledge. After he had reached the age twelve and had completed his training, Sky was taken to Hermeitius, The Inscriptor of the Six Sages of Life, whom had given Sky the marking of the four elemental orbs, carving it with a spiritual needle that was connected to the remainder of the sage's life, into his hand. Once the sage had carved the marking using the rest of his strength in which he possessed, his life was taken through the power that was suppressed through the needle's tip.

After the sage's task had been completed, four beams of light crossed over the land, and showered amongst the sky.

This was to let the people know that a new hero had been chosen.

When Sky had obtained the marking of the four elemental orbs, he felt the power of the sage's rush through his veins as he was permitted to use the sacred power that ran through the life of the six sages.  

"Hey Sky!" A voice called out behind him. It was a girl that Sky had recognized from long ago, his close friend, Sativa. A white mage that was found by the cat tribe of Cavalla, which had taken her in when her parents had been captured and held imprisoned, shortly after the perils of darkness which had crossed over the skies during Year Two After Life.

She was only a human, but a powerful human, at that.

Sky stopped as Sativa ran up to him. He was a bit startled at first to see that she would be able to catch up with him so fast, especially since she lived three miles away from his village.

"Look Sky, I know that you are a little surprised to see me up here with you, but I must ask you for a favor."

"Can I come with you on your quest?"

Sky gazed into her eyes, as he wondered why she would want to do such a foolish thing, risking her life on such a daring mission.

"Listen Sativa, you don't want to come with me, it's too dangerous."

"Why would you want to join me, shouldn't you help the Cavallans, attend to the wounds of the innocent?"

Sativa looked back at Sky, as she responded to his question.

"I am on a quest myself, and besides you need at least one party member, when going on this adventure."

"Well in that case." said Sky.

"I will allow you to join my party."

Sativa was relieved to see that Sky was within reason to allow her to join him. She had trained night and day, becoming the white mage that she was destined to become, waiting for the day that she was to embark on an adventure, considered beneficial to the land that she was raised on. Though she had stayed out of the reach of danger, for she was incapable of fighting without the use of a weapon, she remained close to her friend Sky, whom trained everyday to keep up his strength, as he promised to protect her.

As she remained near Sky's side, she felt the comfort of her safety.

"You know that it will be difficult for us, the more, once we make it to Roswell." Sky warned her as he continued to glance in her direction.

"Oh, now Sky." Sativa cooed as she chuckled bending down as she had picked the prettiest daisy she had spotted in her life, which had sprouted through the soil's roots, underneath her feet.

"After all, if we get into a troubling battle, I always have the help of my white magic to aid me. They don't call me the best white mage in the land for nothing."

"You show great signs of courage." Sky complimented her, noticing Sativa's strength which she had obtained through training.

"Well, I was trained to be prepared for anything, especially if it is to aid in close combat." Sativa recalled.

As they continued to glance at one another, they started to face the direction which lead towards the entrance of the town of Quran, as there was a traveler that had made his way from the town, offering them a sack of gold coins, at no charge as a noble gift, as he had recognized Sky by the description that he had received from his father, Comaelius. Even though they had received the gift as a kind gesture, Sativa felt as though the man shouldn't of left the town with no currency, she had given the kind traveler a gemstone that she had received from her great grandmother, shortly before her death.

It meant a great deal of importance to Sativa, but since the gem was of her father's descendance, for her father had betrayed her before he was captured by The Sheik, it was one item that she was willing to sacrifice.

The traveler smiled as he humbly accepted the jewel from the young girl. The traveler was pleased that he didn't leave Quran with a tince to spare, but he was not expecting anything in return, for he had given them the money, from the kindness of his heart.

A gift that he felt should be placed into the hand of Comaelius's son.

Once the traveler had left, Sky and Sativa had settled their affairs in the town of Quran as they had purchased weapons and herbs from the town's weaponry and medicine shop. After they had purchased their items, they grew restless as they came to a sign that was perched high on a pole, sticking out from the top region of a building used for restless travelers which read, "Quran Inn." As Sky and Sativa entered the entrance of the inn they were greeted by two statues of elven warriors, handling bronze axes, which stood five feet high above their head.

In the lobby, there were torches lit all around the room, providing light to the inn.

As they walked up to the front desk, they noticed that a family of three, was ahead of them, waiting for a room to check in to.

Two gentlemen had walked past the two as they had waited patiently behind the family, in a hurry, as they headed towards the entrance, with their overcoats, dragging behind them.

After the family had checked in, Sky walked over to the counter, giving the cashier of the inn two gold coins that was to cover the room fee for both him and Sativa. When Sky had paid for the room, they glanced over to the family, as they noticed the father's daughter started to cry, desiring ice cream. The father had insisted that it would be best to wait after they had settled in. As the girl continued to shed tears for her desert, the father insisted that it was in her best interest to remain silent, reminding the child that it was not wise to ask for such things, after she had eaten from the town's bakery, a short while ago.

The family had left shortly after the person at the desk had issued Sky the room key, while pointing in the direction of a narrow hallway which led to their room.

"If you insist on leaving in the morning." said the cashier, as Sky and Sativa were heading to their room.

"Make sure that you check in with the gatekeeper at the far end of town."

"He will lead you to a village that goes by the name of Cavalla."

"Speaking of which, I am to return to Cavalla tomorrow." Sativa said, remembering what the sage of Cavalla had told her before she left to embark on her adventure with Sky.

"Come now." Sky said, as he sighed. "Honestly, you don't mean the village where those feline descendants live."

"Yes, that's the one!" Sativa exclaimed.

"The sage, Remiethieur, told me to visit him."

"He said that it was a matter of great importance."

It was said during the time of the Cavallans whom lived on Earth in the village of Cavalla, since the time they had inhabited their original planet, Gia, the sages harnessed a sense of evil that existed within their hearts, incapable of suppression, except through the power of the Canniba Herb. A natural herb, grown within the wild roots of a Vanelian Flower, located on Gia, similar to that of cannabis on Earth. The herb was used to break through the emotions of their anger as they had inhaled the scents of the herb as they had smoked, enabling them to live a normal life of prosperity. Sky, whom was born through the magic of the Six Sages of Life, had shared the same fate as the sages, through birth. Without the herb, Sky's anger grows within him as his eyes turn to a darkened red, filled with hatred beyond compare. It was something that Sky could not live without. Once it was broken down and ready to smoke, it provided the substance, used to heal his mind and body.

"Okay, I do agree." said Sky.

"We can meet with that sage, but I will require something from the cavallans as well."

"Well, telling you honestly."  Sativa said, with knowledge of what he was to request. "I already know what you ask of them, and that is one of the many reasons why I had suggested it. That, and from what I was told, there is trouble that awaits us in the valley next to Cavalla."

"Well, if this is true." Sky said. "There is no time to waste."

"We will get some rest for now while it is getting dark. But when morning comes, we shall meet up with the gatekeeper here in town, to open the gate for us."

Sativa nodded in agreement.

As they were leaving, Sativa found herself chuckling at a staggering old man that entered the inn, with a bottle of gin in one hand, and what appeared to be tickets to one of the plays that was taking place in Quran, sometime at midnight.

Sky and Sativa approached the room to where they were staying for the night. The room greeted them to two comfortable beds, and in between them both, was a table, with a vase which held a set of marigolds, a small bowl of cardinal cherries, and a directory to all the rest stops in the general area. The two claimed the bed that they were to sleep in, for they were eager to get some rest.

The sun had started to fall behind the trees, as it disappeared underneath the horizon. They had fallen into a deep sleep, as they had gained their strength for the day to come. Once midnight had come to pass, they were still in a deep slumber, while the firework display had appeared in the bay window. Sativa had opened her eyes for a brief moment to stare at the glows of red, purple, and blue in the sky, and then had fallen back asleep.  

Sky opened his eyes as soon as the light from the ultra violet rays of the sun shined upon him. He remembered that before Hermeitius had died, he had told Sky, that he would obtain the Hammer of Thor in Cavalla. He was never meant to have the weapon of Thor yet, until he met with the sage, Remiethieur, of the Cavallan village. The troubles that crossed Sky's mind was that it was in his best intention to do everything he could to make Sky Ark that once peaceful place to live again, once he had conquered over The Sheik by destroying the giants that brought forth the darkness across the land.

Sativa had woken up shortly after by a loud banging sound, which distracted her from her sleep that came from outside. A group of kids were banging spoons against a rough surface of metal outside, which appeared to be some kind of old sheet of rusty iron that was once used for battle equipment in the days of the Sheik, which was a group of soldiers that were passed down from their religious leaders by a deceitful ruler that once thought that it would be best to mix his religion with that of the nation's government.

The owner of the inn was getting rather annoyed by the behavior of these children. He ran outside of the inn, carrying a broom, which he had used to bash away the children. One of the children tried chunking a piece of metal at the owner, which he quickly dodged, then grabbed the child by the arm, shook it a bit while holding it tightly, and had warned the child that if this was to happen again, he would warn their parents.

At the sound of this, the child regained the usage of his arm, then swiftly ran passed the old man until he was out of sight, with his tail dangling between his legs, and tears falling from his eyes. The others watched as their friend ran swiftly past them, and then had followed after him.

"That'll teach them." The owner muttered underneath his breath, as he walked back inside to attend to his duties.

"Some people can't take care of their own children." Sky said, as he watched the occurrence from the bay window.

Sativa took defensively to this response, because Sky had no part in judgment of how one takes care of their younger beings.

"Sativa, you can't honestly sit back there and say that you don't agree with me." Sky nodded, as he wondered why Sativa was upset about what he had said.  

"Well, even so." Sativa said with a bit of disgust. "That still does not give you the right to make that decision for someone else's mistake."

"The responsibility of raising children, even those types, is difficult. I should know, I once took part in those actions some time before."

Sky had dazed off into his own thoughts, as one thing he couldn't stand was lecture, as he withdrew a fresh bag of grapes from his carrying bag which he had saved from the day before. "Well, even so, we must take off to visit our friend, the gatekeeper." Sky reminded her.

After checking out of the inn, they made their way to the other side of Quran, where the gatekeeper had opened the big doors that were closed off at night to make it to where no one was allowed in or out.

Sky and Sativa approached the gatekeeper with much anticipation.

"You look as if you guys are ready to journey on to Cavalla." said the gatekeeper as he opened up the gate.

Sky entered Cavalla directly without having to answer the gatekeeper for much longer. He was a bit discouraged because of how long he had to wait just to get back on his journey, for he could wait no longer.

"Don't mind him." Sativa gestured to Sky, as she followed him on the other side of the gate. "My friend is getting rather impatient."

"Oh, no trouble at all ma'am." the gatekeeper smiled as he closed the gates behind them.

"Have a pleasant stay here in Cavalla. If you are planning on entering Roswell, don't forget to visit the castle town when you get there."
This is my short story Sky Ark, keep in mind this is not the whole story more of it is currently being posted. You will want to check back later for those whom are interested in continuing the story, there will be more pages posted later.

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