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I wish to see something bright, I want a shine
I wish to see something bright, I want to see something shine.
By Kevin J. Jacobs
I remember back, smiling on this memory of mine. A girl with a smile so bright, came waltzing right into my life.
With a smile so illuminating, I could tell that this girl was kind.
As I made that last step to approach her, I started up a conversation, and it came to me by surprise.
We were making small talk about beaches, as we shared our non-salted water interest in the ocean, fixated on each other, our words were flowing miles at a time.
How did I get so lucky, I thought, to find a girl so kind?
Taking that one step forward, one foot at a time. To get that one wish which I sought, so divine.
I wish to see something bright, I want to see something shine.
I reflect upon the time. When I had you here. When you came, waltzing into my life.
Just when I thought things were fine, when I wanted to create a new friendship with this bright beauty I sought out to be mine.
Developing a love, that I figured would l
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 2 1
Animal The Balloon Drummer by darkremnant14 Animal The Balloon Drummer :icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 4 2
Sky Ark Part Seven Njord P2
The geologist stopped walking back when he came to a small picket fence that a group of children made had made from small, thin like twigs which had fallen loosely from the red branches of the trees which surround the small town. The town where the remaining members of NASA's science division, and refugees reside, a place that provided them somewhere to hide behind their fright, and live a life of misled comfort. He began to realize that even if it was partially his fault, that the family was not given a trail guide to lead them back to camp, he is not the one to blame. With this thought in mind, he began to sought out a reasonable answer that would explain the family's disappearance. The explanation that crossed his mind is that her family was held against their will by the ghavscal whom cornered them in the forest as they made their escape through the trees. They would have been able to if they were scoping out the area where the people set up camp. It was clear to him that the orang
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 1 0
Sky Ark Part Six Njord Part 1
The small town of Njord was named after the Norse God of Wind. It was built on the thirtieth day that the humans inhabited the second Earth. Establishing the small town, the people gathered clay, wood, and rock, to construct the small town. They came to this area that was surrounded by trees, when they hiked from the camp. Since they were low on fuel on the shuttle, and rescue capsules, they abandoned them, gathering the supplies that they needed, including the laptop that was aboard the shuttle. Arriving in this small area, that was hidden by the shade of the Wahlsburo trees which surrounded this patch of land, the remaining people set up a perimeter around the area. After the twelfth day, they noticed that the scientist, Greg Morrison, and his family did not return from their walk. Nathan Brills, the geologist of the science division, found it odd that they have not made their way to camp by then. The group of survivors worried for their sake, because they believed that something ter
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 1 0
Sky Ark Part Five Aquarixis P2
He remained in balance on the head of the giant, making his way to the giant's left arm. Making his way to the giant's arm, his foot caved in a pile of ice which started to crumble away as the giant became weakened by the active symbol, connected to the piece of Holden's heart. Shards of ice scraped off the edge from the giant's face by the half elf's boot heel, as he climbed the frozen structure of the beast. Sky climbed upward onto the face, to give him leverage before he made his way down. He struck the side of his boot heel onto a ledge by the giant's lip, to rub against the ice which stuck to his boot, while descending down to the giant's arm.
Making his way down the arm, he saw that the king made his way up the ladder, and was now standing on the giant's face. The structure of the giant crumbled away as the two stood on top of the frozen beast. This
balance between them became disrupted as they stood within distance of one another. They were unable to stand still on top of the fr
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 1 0
Sky Ark Part Four Aquarixis P1
Sky and Sativa made their way down the dark cavern, gazing at the thick layers of ice, which had covered the walls of the cavern. The first part of the cavern which was lit by the light of the sun, was the only part that was visible as they descended downward. Making their way down further, it had grown darken as the light of the sun grew faint, for the light had not reached that far down in the cave.
Covered in a sheet of darkness, the two were incapable of sighting anything which was in front of them til after they had made their way to the end of the cavern. At the end of the cavern, was a hole which formed from the collision of an impact of movement, from within the walls of the temple. Rocks had fallen during this impact, from the roof of the hole, falling into a pit of darkness which had been separated from the hole, and the icy structure of the stone wall which descended downward to the bottom base of the pit.
The light which shined, lighting the walls at the base, had come from
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 1 0
Sky Ark Part 3: Sapphire Inn
As they entered the town of Jrilu, they found themselves standing in front of an inn, called Sapphire Inn.
The inn was a mid size building with candle light shining from the windows of the lounge, and above the roof, were large ice icicles which formed above the outer region, dangling from the roof of the inn. With a bit of class, in which the inn had offered, Sky felt a feeling of exhaustion, from the battle against the fire giant, but felt as though the inn appeared as though it was expensive to stay here, for he felt as though he didn't have the money to afford to pay for the night for him and Sativa to stay a night.
But, seeing as there was not another inn in sight, he brushed off his feelings of worry, and the two walked into the entrance of the high class inn.
Approaching the lobby, Sky and Sativa stood in amazement as they glanced over the walls of the inn. The walls of the inn were decorated in gold and silver plated statues of ogres which the head of the creatures in essence,
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 1 0
Sky Ark Part Two: Ignetius
The valley that was next to Cavalla had started to become devoured by the darkness, by that of The Sheik. It was of no importance at the time because Sky and Sativa were incapable of progressing without the hammer Sky was to obtain from the sage of this village.
As they had made their way to the entrance to the village, they noticed that it was overtaken by trolls whom were blocking the entrance of Cavalla, in an attempt to prevent anyone from coming into their part of the forest. Unrepentantly, one of the trolls lunged forward at Sky, but the troll didn't even touch him. Sky took his combat knife that he had on his belt, and stabbed the troll, until it was begging for mercy on its' life.
The troll lounged down for a brief second to catch his breath, for he had a long trail of blood which flowed from his chest, several feet behind him.
Sky took his knife, and slit its' throat, ever so tenderly, and watched as the troll was bleeding from his neck and stomach, until shortly after, he had
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 1 0
Sky Ark Part One: Evolved
September 15, 2720
Over the centuries, the remainder of the human race managed to survive as they were loaded onto rescue capsules, living out their life in the Orange Unit Rescue Sphere, located on Mars, within the walls of the rescue sphere.
A new form of evolution had taken its course, in replacement of the human, a mammal evolved from apes, as they had faced their extinction, living out their lives on Mars, after majority of their race had perished in the late year of 2011, crossing over to the year 2012.  
Left through despair, they wanted to pursue their dream of returning to their beloved home as they had not lived on Earth for thousands of years.
Through science and their increase in technology, they discovered techniques to sustain life in the rescue sphere.
Even though they had discovered a way to prevent their race from perishing, it was nothing compared to their original home.
The only living organism that existed within this time that resembled the human
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 1 0
Right Behind You by darkremnant14 Right Behind You :icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 4 0 We Wanna Eat You by darkremnant14 We Wanna Eat You :icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 2 3 In Which Way by darkremnant14 In Which Way :icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 3 3
I've known you for only a short period of time.
but I feel as if,
I've known you forever.
I tremble with joy at your every touch.
The feel of your hand taking mine,
I want you to hold it forever.
I glow with happiness every time you're near.
I want you near me now,
I want to be with you forever.
My knees grow weak in your loving arms.
I want to stay there,
I want you to hold me forever.
My body melts with every kiss you give.
Just the thought of your lips on mine,
I want you to kiss me forever.
My heart jumps to know how much you care.
Knowing that it is so much more,
I want you to love me forever.
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 5 5
Sky Ark Banner by darkremnant14 Sky Ark Banner :icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 1 0 Swing into Submission by darkremnant14 Swing into Submission :icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 2 0
The Shaded Side Part One
Part One
By Kevin J. Jacobs
"Rasberry Rhemberries are my favorite." the old man said as he plummeted down on a rhemberry, its thick juices running down the thick juicy fruit.
"Thratamere, you must be very careful not to go into Rhosenthorn Hills, it's not safe."
"I've got to find my father, and release the curse that was put onto me." Thratamere said to assure the old man that nothing was backing him down on the perilious journey.
"Then, you'll need this boy." Rosilin said as he threw a golden shined watch high enough for it to swiftly land in Thratamere's hand.
"It was a watch given to me by my father."
"It would be very unreasonable for you to travel without it."
"Just make sure you reach Rhosenthorn Hills before the long hand reaches 12 G.Y.H. (Germellius Yem Hour)."
"What if I don't?" Thratamere cried out, catching his balance, for he had almost stumbled down onto a pile of Grepheiliak Grass.
"You see that black bird, perched out on the gatepost?" Rosilin asked Themetre, whi
:icondarkremnant14:darkremnant14 3 0


Mage Link Idea by HanerTheHedgehog Mage Link Idea :iconhanerthehedgehog:HanerTheHedgehog 4 0 Fly Away by Loli-Goth Fly Away :iconloli-goth:Loli-Goth 63 6 Panty, Get your fucking wing away from my face. by Loli-Goth Panty, Get your fucking wing away from my face. :iconloli-goth:Loli-Goth 30 2 Anarchy Sisters - Panty and Stocking by Loli-Goth Anarchy Sisters - Panty and Stocking :iconloli-goth:Loli-Goth 102 4 Battle formation! by Loli-Goth Battle formation! :iconloli-goth:Loli-Goth 55 6 PSG 2 by Becs-Cos-Wonderland PSG 2 :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 43 3 A sweet steampunk princess by Becs-Cos-Wonderland A sweet steampunk princess :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 58 1 Princess's ready to fight by Becs-Cos-Wonderland Princess's ready to fight :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 34 2 The sea by Becs-Cos-Wonderland The sea :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 101 7 Lollipops by Becs-Cos-Wonderland Lollipops :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 43 4 Lollipop lollipop~ by Becs-Cos-Wonderland Lollipop lollipop~ :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 111 9 Lollipop chainsaw! by Becs-Cos-Wonderland Lollipop chainsaw! :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 154 15 The land above by Becs-Cos-Wonderland The land above :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 38 1 Dont look back by Becs-Cos-Wonderland Dont look back :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 85 2 My world was so blue by Becs-Cos-Wonderland My world was so blue :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 53 3 Longing for a life of adventure by Becs-Cos-Wonderland Longing for a life of adventure :iconbecs-cos-wonderland:Becs-Cos-Wonderland 44 10



Sky Ark reaches its' 7th part on!

The story is currently under the process of being written, and it still has a long way to go. But, I am currently working on it as we speak. Once the story is finished, it will be sent to my publishing consultant, Dundrill Jacobs, at Xlibris, and Random House to be published this year!

Keep in mind that Xlibris is self publishing company. You pay for a package around $480 a month, and the size of the book is 5'11, or somewhere around there in size, it is a medium size printed book, and the illustration is printed in black and white.

If you are interested in publishing with Xlibris, and getting in contact with Dundrill Jacobs, the number is 1-888-795-4274. Ext.7319
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kevin james jacobs
United States
My name is Kevin James Jacobs, a 22 year old resident of Lawton, Oklahoma. And one thing that I loved ever since I was little in the days of the Nintendo, the Snes, the playstation one, and nintendo 64 is fantasy, action, and adventure, and later with resident evil and silent hill and idle hands from 1999 is horror.

Anyways one thing that is really catching my interest all the more is writing and coming up with these brand new fresh ideas for fantasy/action/adventure which i will someday present with DeviantART when ideas are finished. For now I am just sharing Sky Ark for right now as it is a finished idea.

As some people know for the few that I let view I did Fantasy Preview and had it up for a little over a day's time. The ideas that I presented will become full ideas when i get to writing them.

Thanks to all for viewing!

Favourite genre of music: rock,old rock, and new rock, just depends on the type
Operating System: windows vista
MP3 player of choice: windows mp3 players, sorry apple i don't like waiting for five minutes to upload music from itu
Favourite cartoon character: dave from code monkeys


The message that is sent through fear from these mother's eyes can be felt with immense emotion. Such love for the child or whatever th...


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